data science bootcamp

I’m currently attending the HyperionDev/CoGrammar Data Science Bootcamp.

The University of Nottingham Online is in partnership with CoGrammar, one of the largest global providers of online coding learning, providing digital credentials for their Department for Education (DfE) funded data science boot camp.

The bootcamp will end on the 31st of March 2024 and I’m enthusiastic about the journey ahead.

At present, I’m looking for an open position as a Junior Data Scientist or a summer Internship to start practicing my knowledge in real-life scenario.

python, SQL, machine learning,
and more...

All of these are languages and disciplines that I’m learning at HyperionDev Data Science Bootcamp.

I’m successfully delivering my assessment with great scores and insightful feedback.

Have a look at my GitHub repositories. 

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